Chumby gadget – gotta love it!

Say hello to Chumby: a wireless gadget that displays web content on your nightstand, kitchen table, desk, or even in your bathroom replacing big and bulky magazines. A few reasons the Chumby gadget will likely be on many Christmas lists this year:
front interfacerear with two USBs and a power plugAs big as a coffee mug

1. Its cool, its new, and its a wireless wonder. It is like a widget box, hooking up through your WiFi, allowing the viewer a plethora of visual and auditory delights… you can see your local weather, photos, music, sports scores, stock info and many other things you would normally need to pull out your notebook for. Want to check your eBay bid? You can do that. Want to send pics to your buddy’s Chumby? You can do that. Facebook? MySpace? You betcha.

2. The features are nifty, too. Play your MP3s, wake up to internet radio, use the 3.5 inch color touch screen to play games. It includes a motion sensor, which I am told you can use to play certain games, too. (As a game lover, I was excited to hear that!)

3. Price. Its somewhat affordable, and you don’t need to use up any minutes from your mobile phone plan! For everything this device can do, its not a bad deal, not at all.

4. It’s a fun gadget to interact with. Kids and adults can play with the interactive widgets from the Chumby website, or can even create fun new widgets of their own. You can send them over to a friends’ chumby gadget across the internet. Overall, the Chumby gadget will allow people of to express their creativity and have a blast.

Check out this video from YouTube, where Chris Pirillo shows you how you can play with widgets from either the Chumby site or your own created widgets:

The Chumby gadget is fun and so versatile, it will certainly take off fast. Who wants a regular radio alarm clock beeping in your ear when you can have all of this at your fingertips, ready when you wake up in the morning? Wake up, see the weather & traffic reports, stocks, horoscope, check on your Facebook buddies and eBay bids… all before morning coffee! Or, use it at your desk to keep you up to date on news, business, sports scores and more.

Chumby currently comes in 3 colors, pearl, latte, and black. The latte Chumby looks the most casual, like something out of the 70s. I would personally like to see more color options (as I’ve read that one person thought the latte one reminded him of his grandma’s vibrating muscle massager… ew?) However, the black or white options are there for the less “nostalgic” types.

Stay tuned – there is sure to be lots more buzz about this new gadget!

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One Response to “Chumby gadget – gotta love it!”

  1. Seth Says:

    I am glad I found you. I am thinking of getting one soon.

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